Although throwing up is often an involuntary response, sometimes it is imperative to do so. There are many instances, such as after one has eaten too much or consumed something poisonous, where vomiting is crucial to the wellbeing of the body in the long run. In situations like these, it is critical to be aware of how to make yourself throw up.

Before we begin discussing the methods by which you can make yourself throw up, it is important to emphasize the fact that it should be avoided until it’s necessary. Injuries can take place if you use any of the methods mentioned below so proceed at your risk.

1. Poking the Gag Reflex

The gag reflex or, to refer to it by its medical name, laryngeal spasm/pharyngeal reflex is a contraction that is located at the back of the throat and can be easily triggered by touching the area around a person’s tonsils. Vomit can also be easily induced by touching the back of the throat using the index finger. DIY Home Remedies’ Dr Sachin recommends this as the best method to make yourself throw up.

Before you go about poking people in the back of their throats, you must understand the choking hazards that this method can cause. It is crucial that the person you’re trying to make throw up is not lying on their back. Similarly, their head should be pointing downwards and never upwards to avoid choking. All of this must be taken into account before you activate someone’s gag reflex.

2. By Using Emetics

Emetics are the specialists’ option as this medicine has been mainly designed for the purpose of inducing vomit in a patient. Ipecac Syrup is an effective emetic and can make a person throw up within minutes. It can be consumed after mixing it in water or by taking a large gulp of the solution.

However, it should be understood that these medicines are not without its troubles. Side effects of emetics range from dizziness to low blood pressure and fast heartbeat. Thus, they should only be consumed when there’s no other option.

3. By Consuming a Saline Solution

Vomiting can also be induced by just drinking a saline solution. To prepare the solution, mix three teaspoons of common salt with 16oz of water. This should result in a very salty concoction. You should consume this salted solution as quickly as possible to ensure the best results.