It is no secret that not everyone likes to be open about their drinking problem. While most individuals actually try and hide it, others are just not comfortable sharing it with a bunch of strangers. No matter how much some might try, they are just not made for the life of AA. It is for this reason that we will talk about other ways to quit drinking on your own. The three steps to help are as follows:

Why do you drink?

Before you get rid of the problem, you must understand why you have the problem in the first place. Some people drink for pleasure, while others drink to forget their problems. There are two sides of your brain; one is your conscious self and the other is your subconscious self. Your subconscious self is the one that is dependent on alcohol. Thus, all you need to do is understand why it needs it and eliminate that need.

Make a commitment to quit forever

Tell yourself that you are going to get on top of this problem. Stroke your ego if you must. Say the words out loud, “I will never drink again.” This would probably arouse some emotions, but that is just your subconscious mind and its need to drink talking. You can live without alcohol; millions of people around the globe do it every day. Remind yourself of individuals who have never even tasted the alcohol.

It will be tough to go without it for some time as certain parts of your body are used to it. It might not be easy to sleep for the first couple of days. Keep yourself company and watch late night shows till you fall asleep eventually.

Every day makes you stronger

According to Charles Bufe, every day that you go without drinking brings you one step closer to achieving your target. And it is never about how many years you have under your belt; you need to remember that you simply cannot fall off the wagon again and there will not be another drink ever again. Every day that you go on with your life, keep symbolizing your benchmarks, count the days, and give yourself rewards like a fifty-day sober keychain that will soon turn into a ten-years sober mug. It’s not a hard road, and you just need to be persistent.